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Save Edit Delete!

We’ve been blogging for sometime now and with running a blog and being the creative type, there’s always going to be site revamps. At the moment we are doing exactly that, we’ve got a...

Danish Delight


If you know me, you know I have an absolute unconditional love for all things Scandinavian. Not just the stunning, clean, simple and functional designs but the people, the culture and the weather (yes I’m...

Is Social Media Killing Your Creativity?

Is social media killing your creativity?

Can you believe Facebook is over 10 years old? I remember signing up to it back in the day and thinking it’s a cool way to connect with friends and family from around the...

Growing Up Big Boy Style

Growing Up

Our little man has been busy growing up and just like every parent there comes a time when we need to make the move to the BIG big boy bed. Let me clarify the double...

Quirk Design - Zara Home

Zara Home

My love of Zara began when we lived in Sweden. Stylish clothing for a reasonable price, how can you go wrong; so when we moved back to Melbourne and the Zara store opened, I was...


A change is as good as a Holiday

We’re making some big and exciting changes to our website, blog and shop. Things might look a little strange, so please bear with us while we make these changes.


The Business Blues

As is usual in Melbourne, the weather this week has been all over the place and while the sunshine has been glorious, I’d be quite happy not to see anymore rain or hail. I’m...


I’ve got a blog and I’m not afraid to use it

Back in when we first started blogging, way back when they first began, before every man and his dog had one, well before Facebook, Instagram, Blogger and even MySpace (remember that one) our blog...

Win Lose

You Win Some You Lose Some

Apparently you guys love hearing about business related stuff so after the success of last weeks post all about Working In or On Your Business, I’m back again with another business balance post. Taking...


Are You In or On?

Let me get this off my chest…This whole stay-at-home-mummy-business-woman thing is HARD! It’s not that I was expecting it to be easy and yes compared to some I have it a little easier since...